Door Project (projekt DOMA)


What do we do?

Particular aid for migrant and refugee families and individuals

Diaconia cooperates with migrant and refugee families and individuals who found their new home in Czech Republic. Often, they are single mothers with children or those with a problem with residence status and resulting numerous problems, whether financial or work-related. We provide material aid, but also assistance with dealing with authorities, schools, doctors, job search, and accommodation. Thereat, we use the network of our evangelical congregations or the Diaconia ECCB Centres.

Our assistance aims to help the families to become independent as soon as possible, to help the parents to obtain a job and provide for the family.

Assistance to the evangelical churches in integration of refugees

We participate in meetings and discussions in churches that are interested in the migration and refugee question. If there are some congregations or groups that want to actively participate in helping the refugees or to take care directly for some of the refugee families, we provide relevant information in this area. We also mediate meetings with people who work with the refugees directly and who can cooperate further with the churches on the integration.

What do we offer?

Online meetings aimed at better orientation in Czech realities and improving the Czech language.   

Contact worker’s service to help you deal with complicated situations and problem solving advice

Assistance in establishing relationships with local people, your neighbors. Opportunity to participate in different meetings in a local community (excursions, forums, experience sharing, events for children,sport events etc.)

What do we expect from you?

Interest in joining and openness. Cooperative and active approach

Who can participate?

Anyone who came to the Czech Republic, whether as an asylum seeker or a labour migrant or immigrated for any other reason. 






Bc. Petr Sobalík - Head of the migration programme

Coordinator of the presentation of the exhibition Weltethos,


mobil: +420 730 195 074


Lucie Kellnerová Kalvachová - Contact worker and coordinator of Skills for emploiments programe-mail: 7npsVWa_7eAo8~l7VX~CT%i4Zbnu5.~_T-M

Yulia Dobrinina - Intercultural worker


Diakonie ČCE - Středisko celostátních programů a služeb

Čajkovského 1640/8

130 00 Praha 3 – Žižkov

Services are provided for free.